I have been looking at Die-cutting machines for a while, Watched youtube videos about them , Looked at prices at shops so I eventually gave in and purchased a  Sizzix Big Shot Plus Machine which is very big and hopefully do me many years to come as this is the most I have spent on one Item but worth it as now I can cut things out, etc

In fact, I bought dies first then the machine,I also received a few from a friend to try which I will and though need somewhere for them as running out of space, 
Then remembered I had an old CD Holder , Just perfect, Just cut card to size and suck adhesive for the dies to hold onto so they dont move

Also waiting for another order of dies for shapes this time so I can do more with cards, 
 As I keep saying need to build up a stock of items,
 Reminds me when I started making poser tubes I build up my stock of items before I offered to people, Right I'm away to make a new card, Back another time with more

I won



Yippee I won a competition I entered

Was visiting my daughter and grandson the other day and came home to a box thinking it was from a friend, Turned out I won a competition I entered and completely forgot so I was chuffed

Lots of Scoreboard card which there is 50 sheets of different colors, Sticky adhesive sheets which I had no clue what to do with it till I looked up the internet and went to youtube to see how they to use and also got a 3 in 1 Die Brush which I already had on my wishlist

I received them from Hunkydory which is a UK craft shop which has excellent products at good prices and lots of bargains and sale , Also live shows which are great

Tall Cards


I picked up some envelopes that were tall then got home and realized I didn't have any pre card bases to use, So I had to just make my own which is quite easy to do, and made these 2 cards, 
I kind of this size as well
They are 4x8 in size(note to myself if i ever need them again )

Cute Christmas Cards



Those whom know me I like cute,So plenty made for you to see with these cards

Card Challange 1


I am in a Facebook group and there was a challenge using a template shown and we had to come up with something , This is what I created,Was fun to do

Baby Cards



I got a book of Topper's from the craft store I purchase from and noticed there was ones for Babies, so I quickly made these, Very small but I enjoyed making them

Then had an idea of selling my baby knitting in the future and  I could include a card with what I knit, Still thinking about it but have not decided yet

Robin Cards



Well a few weeks ago in Scotland I saw my first robin in the garden, Winter is well on its way getting colder here now,.

Found this amongst my stash of craft items and made these 2 cards,

 Love robins they are so beautiful

Cutting Skills


My cutting skills are slightly getting better, This was a free greeting card sheet I got online, Printed it out and cut the different sections, then layered it to make then pop out a little

I did a stamp but again not enough pressure , So now on my list is a stamping platform which will be a lot better for me for when i don't press hard enough or not enough ink applied

Score Board


Finally got myself a scoreboard and here are two cards I have made so far, Nice and handy to have and can make other things as well than cards , Another thing off my list to get

Free Item




I received this free item when I placed an order a while back and these is the cards I created

Christmas Gnomes



Christmas Gnomes

As soon as I saw these I had to purchase them, Many other gnomes in this book which you will probably see when I get round to using them




Here are 2 cards that have been stamped and coloured in,Long way to go till I am happy with my clouring but least I have made a start,I am considering purchasing a stamp platform as some point though,Still learning and enjoying making cards

Kiki 2



Kiki 1



The Kids 2



The Kids 1




Plushie 2



Plushie 1



Aiko 4




Aiko 3